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Tadpool Charity


Totnes and District Swimming Pool and Courtney’s Gym (TADPOOL) is a charity run by a committee of volunteers who employ staff (see staff page) to manage the facility. Their goal is to offer affordable, inclusive, leisure facilities to the people of Totnes and its surrounding area.

The plaque situated in the pool hall is dedicated to the founder, Courtney Blake, a former mayor who set up the initial committee in 1966 and was then elected chair. In 1972, the council provided the site and together with their support and bequests it was decided that work to build the pool could commence. Further funds were raised and in 1975 the pool was opened. The pool was then operated and managed by a group of volunteers until 1986 when, due to its increased popularity, full time staff were employed.

In 1988 a new sports pavilion was approved by the South Hams District Council to be attached to the pool building. This proposal included new changing facilities for pool users and a partnership was agreed which has continued to date with Tone Leisure.

In 1994, following a grant from the Foundation of Sport, a low interest loan and Tadpool’s own resources, major refurbishment of the pool and an extension to the health suite was carried out. This included a new roof, new air handling unit and a two floor extension.

The pool was refurbished in Dec 2010 including the installation of new energy efficient lighting and pool covers.
TADPOOL are committed to reinvesting money straight back into the facility and are planning, in January 2012, to redecorate the Gym throughout, install a new sauna and refurbish the existing Gym changing rooms.

TADPOOL retain their separate, independent identity employing their own staff and funding the maintenance and improvements from membership support.

Latest News

 Customer notice: KEVICC students will be using the gym Tuesdays and Fridays 09:00 - 10:00. The gym will still be open to the public.